Microsoft customer service software gets AI integration to write emails – computer – news

I find it disturbing that this new technology is being applied everywhere

This technology is older than most tweakers! When we talk about artificial intelligence here, we are really talking about neural networks. Neural networks have been around for 65 years (1958). The first theory behind it is still about 15 years older.

In some areas we have already used it for years, for example, various computer defense programs are based on this. We’ve had things like autocomplete for a long time, things like suggestions have been around for a long time, what’s happened here is just on a much larger scale, with a lot more resources.

This is not unlike many other technologies like the internet or computers, you just have some significant milestones in their history that impress the average person, and this is one of those milestones. This usually happens when it becomes accessible to a large number of consumers.

You have to think very carefully about what you do and how it works, just as you do with everything. You also learn (as a kid) that you shouldn’t stick a metal prong into a socket! But with many things, what some people know, but what many do, may be very different. We all know smoking is bad, but it’s still sold everywhere. We know driving under the influence isn’t allowed, and many people still do. We know you shouldn’t *blindly* believe what people on the internet say *peace of mind*. So why do you blindly believe what the chatbot says?

This implementation isn’t called a co-pilot for nothing! You are still responsible for what is being submitted, and you are still there to verify the content. So what’s so scary about this? How often have you reviewed/improved communications/documentation from others? This happens to me regularly. This is nothing more than a person typing something, you check and correct it and then submit it.


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