Meilandjes chooses her gala costumes in complete disarray: ‘just like a black swan’

Meilandjes chooses her gala costumes in complete disarray: 'just like a black swan'

Martien, Erica and Maxime are searching for the perfect outfit for this year’s TV event. At first, Martín and Maxime want Erica to wear a dress that she doesn’t like right away. “That’s a lot of dressing for me,” says Erica.

She’s wearing the dress anyway, but as soon as she walks into the room it’s already clear: It’s nothing. And Martin adds, “No, it doesn’t suit you. You look like a black swan.”

On the other hand, Maxim loves to unpack. “It’s the event of the year. Then you want to unpack. And that’s allowed. Yeah, I love it.” Moments later, Maxime is wearing the same dress Erica wore before. “I think it’s a lot.” Then Erica said, “Yeah, I thought so, too.”

Then Maxime wears a different dress, which she absolutely loves. However, suspicion arises as she wears the black dress, which Martyn describes as black Swan, once again. “Yes, that is it,” Maxim decides. Well, hello, said Martin.

Before the ceremony begins, Martin goes through feelings of stress. Something he returns to every year. “I don’t know why. It stresses me out,” he says. Maxim’s daughter is not at all upset about this. In fact it does not matter at all. “We wouldn’t win anything anyway, because we weren’t favorites,” said Martin.

episode of Chateau Milland missing? You look back here.

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