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Yes that’s right.

I have that despair. For about 3 mail addresses with Exchange Online (P1) it comes out about 10-12 euros per month.

In 2010 I registered my domain name with GoDaddy. As an IT person, I loved having my own domain name. At the time, GoDaddy was one of the few to have a Hosted Exchange subscription including Push mail for €2.8 per month. This was about 1 email address for me. However, this hosted exchange was only a 2GB mailbox.

He also bought an Xbox that year. During the Xbox setup process, you can still create a mandatory Microsoft account with your domain address. nl instead of Hotmail or Outlook. This is what I did at the time. So my primary (personal) Microsoft account is [email protected]

This works fine. After a few years, Microsoft came up with its own Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online P1, P2, etc.

When I sign in, I now have to specify that it’s not my personal Microsoft account, first name @ family, but a Microsoft account for business, first name @ family. nl. This is so confusing. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of this, and when you sign in, you often get an additional question whether it’s about your Personal or Schoo/Work account.

Personally, I’ve had an Office 365 Family subscription for years. And if I’m now signed into with my microsoft account.

I really want to eliminate that difference between work and personal hassles when logging in, so I’ll see if it’s possible to cancel an Exchange Online subscription and link that mailbox directly to my Microsoft 365 Family. This can still be set up for another year, so I still have some time to figure things out. It has to happen because I think something has to change.

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