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Microsoft has made SwiftKey keyboard available again in the iOS App Store. The company does this after listening to the opinions of its customers. Last summer, Microsoft decided to stop developing and supporting SwiftKey for iOS.

The American company confirmed the news To the editors of The Verge, but did not provide further details. Vishnu Nath, a senior Microsoft executive, gave on Twitter He also shared the news and mentioned that the development team behind the app still has plenty in store. A colleague at Microsoft, Pedram Rezaei, on Twitter There is strong demand for SwiftKey and significant resources will be invested in developing SwiftKey.

Microsoft announced last summer that it will stop developing SwiftKey for iOS. The keyboard app will disappear from the App Store on October 5th. The Android app can still be downloaded and continue to be supported by the company. Microsoft has not given any reason to discontinue the iOS app.

Microsoft has acquired SwiftKey in 2016 About $250 million. The British company has developed an artificial intelligence technology that it used in the keyboard app of the same name. Thanks to this technology, Swiftkey can predict the word that the user will type. The company used neural networks to make the app understand the meaning of words. This allows SwiftKey to make better suggestions. Microsoft says the Android version of the virtual keyboard is still supported. The underlying technology is also still used in the touch-sensitive keyboard for Windows.

SwiftKey for iOS

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