Luuk on Ferry Doedens’ claim at Farm van Dorst: ‘100% nonsense’

Luuk on Ferry Doedens' claim at Farm van Dorst: '100% nonsense'

When Ferry Dodens, 32, could be seen in ‘Boerderij van Dorst’ last weekend, he blurted out that the media attention to his person sometimes bothered him. The remarks he made then about RTL Boulevard upset Luke Eckink (39) and Rob Goossens (31).

He put on a goddamn play about his life.

In the last episode of Budka BLVDThe two men discuss Fairy’s television appearance Dorset farm. “He had something to say about our RTL Boulevard program, which is weird enough,” begins Locke. In part Ferry can be heard saying he sometimes hears his name on RTL Boulevard, but he was never called in advance to check the news or ask for a response. “Then I think: Why? There are so many other interesting things to write about than Ferry Dudens, it’s just so frustrating,” Ferry says.

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Luke wants to make things right. “I’m 100% sure that’s bullshit. The first thing we always do when there’s news about someone is call the main character. Because there’s no reason not to. So I guess he won’t see on his phone or miss an app.”

Rob also finds Ferry’s statement fascinating: “Celebrities really enjoy being in the news, until it becomes something they don’t like and then they suddenly start complaining about the fact that there are more important things to discuss in their lives.”

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According to Rob, Ferry is very happy to talk to RTL Boulevard when he has a new project. “If his stage show is discussed because it’s coming up, he also likes it very much. But when that stage show sells no tickets, he suddenly wonders what’s so interesting about Fairy Duedens.”

Sarcasm does not escape men. Luke: “It’s weird to say, ‘There are more important things than Ferry Dowdens,’ while you’re being interviewed by three cameras around you. And you’re talking about your private life, so it makes sense that a news show should come out.” Rob agrees, “And Ferry is, of course, the best example of that. Because he did a stage show about his own life.”

However, both Rob and Luke seem to have a weak point for Ferry. “I think it’s good that there are such types in the media world. They can’t all be as boring as me,” says Locke.

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