Mexico and US agree to ‘stay in Mexico’ rule for asylum seekers | Abroad

Mexico and US agree to 'stay in Mexico' rule for asylum seekers |  Abroad

The United States and Mexico have reached an agreement on the ‘Stay in Mexico’ rule for asylum-seekers from Central America. The agreement between the two neighbors means that people will basically have to wait for a response to the U.S. asylum request in Mexico, which comes as a shock to President Joe Biden, who wants to soften his predecessor Trump’s tough immigration policy.

Trump’s move is a break from the past policy of giving asylum seekers a fair chance to apply for asylum in the United States. Biden abolished it, but the judges elevated it to the highest level. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, although humanitarian improvements have been acknowledged, the status quo remains. Biden and human rights groups have criticized the worsening situation for asylum seekers in Mexico.

The US president also interpreted his voting clock differently on Friday:

Corona vaccine

For example, asylum seekers can receive the corona vaccine and their procedure must be completed within six months. With the right to consult a lawyer, they are also asked if they have any fears of returning to Mexico after applying. There may be vulnerable groups. The policy, implemented by a partial court, will be reinstated Monday in San Diego, California, and in the cities of Brownsville, Laredo, and El Paso, Texas. People will also pay more attention to transportation, for example to attend investigations.

Biden continues to believe that the plan is too flawed, as he says it will not restrict the movement of immigrants. The number of people trying to come to the United States from Central America has been increasing since taking office. This fall, a large number of immigrants tried to cross the border. Many people are leaving Central America because of the poverty there. They hope to travel to the United States via Mexico, where they hope to create a better future.

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