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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, among others, is testing to make the Messenger app part of the Facebook app again. In 2014, these two parts were separated from each other.

on your blog page writes meta It is testing “people’s ability to access their Messenger inboxes from the Facebook app.” The company doesn’t say how long this testing will take and when this integration might become official, but it says testing will be expanded soon.

Facebook and Messenger merged in the past, but that changed in 2014. That summer, Facebook discontinued the instant messaging feature in the regular Facebook app, forcing iPhone and Android users to switch to the Messenger app. Based on its own survey, research agency Telecompaper claimed that 1.4 million Dutch people installed Messenger after the chat function disappeared from the Facebook app. Earlier that year, Facebook discontinued the Windows version of Messenger.

The Meta blog post seems to partially confirm that Facebook is still very much alive. Meta reports that Facebook now has 2 billion daily active users. The company does not say how many users Messenger currently has. In July 2016, Messenger had 1 billion monthly active users; This number reached half a billion active users in November 2014.

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