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Meta will raise the price of the Meta Quest 2 from August, while the VR glasses will cost an additional $100 in the US. Meta describes the price increase as necessary, because the costs of producing and shipping the glasses have also increased.

dead Announcing a price increase! for the United States. The 128GB version of virtual reality glasses costs $400. The 256GB version will have to pay $500 later. This is $100 more than the current price for both versions. The price increase will take effect from August. It is not known what the new price will be in the Benelux. The 128 GB version of the Meta Quest 2 currently costs 350 euros here. For the 256 GB version, the suggested retail price is 450 euros.

Meta VR glasses were launched in 2020 by the company that was still called Facebook. When Tweakers released VR headsets review They called it Oculus Quest 2. When the company changed its name to Meta, the virtual reality glasses also got a new name.

The price of the Meta Quest 2 isn’t the only thing that will change from August. VR glasses users won’t have to You no longer have a Facebook account. Alternatively, users can log in with their Meta account. This account can be linked to a Facebook account, but this is not mandatory.

Meta is also already working on a successor to Quest 2. According to Latest rumors This VR glasses will be called Quest Pro. Virtual reality glasses are supposed to appear later this year.

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