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This can have very serious consequences for health care as a whole. The technology of being able to print spectacle lenses rather than having to mill them means, if further improved and brought to standard, a very large reduction in costs, especially at higher strengths which require very precise work and the least error are rims.
Then you talk about the costs that are passed on to consumers and health insurance companies according to 500 euros by the glass. (So ​​times two for one pair of glasses.)

If your insurance company is not willing to pay this premium; And if you are not ready to be compensated for it (or if your insurance company does not offer this option: pay in full), or if it is beyond the reach of your wallet; Then the option remains to do it at a lower quality. And this can still be reduced to the old alternative of holding a 10mm thick glass bowl to your nose, if there is no other option.

So the technology could have changed considerably; can reduce health care costs; It would have given high prescription lens wearers a better quality of life at an affordable price

— But it will now be hidden behind a patent as Meta retains control over which parties to the market can and will be allowed to implement this innovation. And we all hope to know how well Meta deals with patents.

And more bluntly: Meta’s stinginess will indirectly keep his healthcare bill artificially higher than necessary; And many people have a lower quality of life.

but wait; It’s good to keep everyone posted on Facebook, right, guys? 🤮

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