Carice Van Houten Dumped Her Ex On Boxing Day: ‘The Loud Word Had To Get Out’

Carice Van Houten Dumped Her Ex On Boxing Day: 'The Loud Word Had To Get Out'

Darmstad FMPresenter Tina De Bruyne and Carys look back on various Christmas days from the past. The two actresses came to the conclusion that Christmas isn’t always fun. For example, Caris says she ditched someone for Christmas. “This was not the right timing for the person involved.”

When Tina wonders why Carys couldn’t wait until after the holidays, the actress explains that she really can’t do anything else: “I just don’t feel like it anymore. Sometimes you just can’t explain it. That’s when someone’s a really nice person or everyone thinks.” That it’s very nice. But that’s not enough anymore, alas. Pathetic, isn’t it. Yeah, that’s not fun.”

However, Caris comes to the conclusion that she often puts her ex-boyfriends aside after the craziest incidents. “I’ve sometimes been ripped off by someone tying their shoelaces or how they imitate Urbanos. (…) I just thought: It’s not right.”

Carice ending relationships for the most trivial of reasons was already evident in her teenage years. When I was sixteen, we went out together [samen met haar ex-vriend, red] to pinkpop. Then I was with him in the back of the bus. There’s always a bit of a bump in the back of the bus, right? Then I saw how that body was trembling from the bump of that bus. Then I thought: God, how unattractive. This only makes her feel nauseous, Karis explains: “This is just so weak. I just don’t want to see that. “Fortunately, the actress herself also knows that this is not a good reason to break up the relationship.” Very bad. That’s not a nice side of me.”

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Meanwhile, Carys has been very happy with her Australian flame, actor Guy Pearce, for a while now. It is so easy that Urbanus cannot imitate it.

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