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The popular memory test software Memtest86+ has been updated for the first time in nine years. In addition, the software has been completely rebuilt from scratch for uefi and for recognition of DDR4 and DDR5.

Memtest86 + tags I got a big update to version 6.00. This is the tool’s first update since 2013, when the tool was split and part sold to PassMark. Nothing has happened to develop the tool since then. Memtest86+ has since become open source and available under the GPL license. The tool dates back to the 90s and has always been one of the best known programs for testing memory in computers.

Manufacturers have completely rewrote the base code in version 6.00 so that it now supports both 32-bit or 64-bit UEFI. Also, the tool can finally recognize DDR4 and DDR5 memory, which makes Memtest practically useful for most regular first-time users in a long time.

The tool now also supports AMD Zen architecture for chips between Ryzen 1000 and 7000, as well as XMP 3.0 and SDram. Users have to disable Secure Boot and run the tool from a live USB drive if they want to use it. The code is still available open source.

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