Dream home opportunity thanks to farmers who stopped: “This place gives us freedom” | My voice

Dream home opportunity thanks to farmers who stopped: “This place gives us freedom” |  My voice
  • ninky zuwer

    7 hours ago

    A few years ago I actually wanted a tiny house in a gem. Hardenberg. They didn’t do things like that then, too new, too different, not to fit in with the environment.. and now it’s on the list as an option. Well, I’m curious, given all the options, this is the only cheaper option that will help young people and beginners.

  • Evert Jan Gerds

    7 hours ago

    It provides space for small residential enclaves located in the greenery, demolishing unsightly stables and using the rooftop for living in matching barn houses. For young and old care.

  • Andre Egerding

    8 hours ago

    @ Morgan Boss, who will add money to build youth cheaply? It is no longer possible to build cheaply. Environmental requirements are too high for cheap housing. Rare construction workers can demand increasingly higher wages. The cost of building materials is increasing more and more, since the brick industry used coke from Germany. Now coke comes from Colombia.


    8 hours ago

    Morgan Boss, cheap construction is no longer possible. Everything becomes very expensive: materials, transportation, wages, etc., then the money must be added from above? And who pays? A citizen who is already going through difficult times. I think work, lack of shops, schools, poor transportation, health care, etc. also play a big role.

  • Hermann your routine

    8 hours ago

    It is better to vacate building lands in villages for this. In this way, from the building on the farm, the countryside becomes one chaotic building. Only the division of the main building should be possible, so that the character of the landscape is preserved.

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