Members of the security services are complicit in the break-in

Members of the security services are complicit in the break-in

France Press agency

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Members of the Brazilian security services were complicit in the storming of government buildings last weekend in Brasilia. So said Brazilian President Lula, who announced that he would remove all fanatical supporters of his predecessor Bolsonaro from the security services.

“There are many accomplices within the military police, within the armed forces,” Lula said. “I am satisfied that the door of the palace was opened to let the protesters in because I did not see any damage in the door.”

On Sunday, thousands of radicals rallied Bolsonaristas Parliament, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace in the capital and caused great destruction there. They expressed their dissatisfaction with Lula’s swearing in as president. Eventually, riot police dispersed the crowd with tear gas.

After one day the question arose how that could happen and why the military police He didn’t act any more seriously. The photos show that law enforcement did little to stop the protesters. Some of them chatted or had their pictures taken with the protesters.

Officials in Lula said that identifying hardline Bolsonaro supporters among members of the security services would be a difficult task. But an investigation is already underway as to what exactly happened that day, to find out who authorized the break-in.

Soon after the storm, the governor of the Federal District, an ally of Bolsonaro, was already suspended. The region’s top security chief, who served as justice minister under Bolsonaro, was also immediately fired. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested.

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