Meilandjes sells villa after big price reduction | show

Meilandjes sells villa after big price reduction |  show

Erica Rinkema and Martin Meland have sold their villa in Noordwijk. The mediator, René van Nierop, confirms this in Show news

The program stated that the deed of sale could have been signed on Good Friday. A few weeks ago, Martien and Erica decided to reduce the asking price of the villa by about two hundred thousand euros: from 2,995,000 euros to 2,799,500 euros. Meilandjes would once have deposited 2,695,000 euros for it.

In their own words, the Meilandjes were very annoyed with the fans and therefore they were looking for something with more privacy. “This house is very busy, every day people are at the door and some people don’t care about the fence. We will stay in Noordwijk. We saw a house that you can’t see from the road, so it has a driveway, and it will be for sale again!” Martin said earlier.

The reality stars already have a new home: a spacious house between Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout.

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