Mayor Hilversum criticizes: ‘I am against measures that cause strife’

Mayor Hilversum criticizes: 'I am against measures that cause strife'

And earlier on Monday, the measures that the government wants to tighten in an attempt to suppress the Corona infection were leaked. For example, Corona Pass should be implemented in gyms, swimming pools, zoos, museums and amusement parks. More work is also done at home and the hairdresser has to wear a mask again.

Hubert Burles, president of the Security Council, also reiterated his call for the card to be used more widely. He wants, among other things, to enable employers to use entry tickets at the workplace.

After the meeting, the Minister for Justice and Security Grapperhaus confirmed that measures that have no legal basis, such as the use of a QR code at work, were also discussed. In addition, the minister wants to work with municipalities to better comply with the Corona rules.


Mayor Broertjes is strongly against expanding the places where a test or vaccination certificate is used. “I am against actions that create discord between vaccinated and unvaccinated,” he says. He also states that municipalities are already struggling to monitor the sectors in which evidence is used: “In the restaurant industry, control is really an issue.”

According to Mayor Water Kolff of Dordrecht, every action taken is causing controversy. Burlus: I’d rather Parliament take its decisions now than doctors have to do it later. So we need strict measures.”

Minister Fred Graberhaus confirmed after the security meeting

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