June 6, 2023

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American dream: Are Kate and William even going to America?

American dream: Are Kate and William even going to America?

Earlier this month, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge announced plans for the other side of the Atlantic. Attention, Harry and Megan, you will no longer be alone Royal family Those who came to win the hearts of Americans!

I left for the United States

At Presentation Earthshot gift In London this month, Prince William announced that his prestigious climate award would be presented in the United States next year. Because, William argues, in order to really make a difference, they need to involve this world leader in the climate issue as well. Nevertheless, it remains a significant choice. At the awards ceremony in the UK, it was emphasized that all guests should not fly to the British capital and think about the environment. How are the Cambridges going to handle their event when it takes place in the United States? Ela Greta Dunberg across the sea in a sailing boat? Or will Prince Harry and the Duchess send Meghan as US envoys?

Large audience

Although the latter is more environmentally responsible, it does not seem like the plan of Prince William and the Duchess of Gate. They want to create their own look in the United States because the British royal family is also becoming more and more popular there. “The Cambridge team wants to target the United States and ensure that they are highly respected there. They will make an important visit next year,” sources close to the couple said. Vanity Fair. “They know they may have lost popularity because of this Oprah-interview, Now they like it Support To get back. America is their most important audience. “

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Prince William and Duchess Kate on the Earthshot Prize. Image: Brunopress

So both William and Kate are certainly likely to make the big cross in 2022, although it will not be by private jet. The big question is whether they will stop in California to see Harry, Megan, Archie and Lily. Because of a reunion The Fab Four, It will only make their reputation better In the states.

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