Matt Eberfloss: Nobody really knows how the 49ers will use Trey Lance

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans

San Francisco 49th vs Houston Texans

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Tree Lance He won’t be making his first NFL start against the Bears this weekend, but he will make his first start since being pinned as a full-time 49ers starter.

While Lance was promoted to the starting line-up for Jimmy Garoppolo Several times last season, he wasn’t running an attack designed around his skills. Bears head coach Matt Ebervlos said Monday that he doesn’t think those rounds will be informative about how the 49ers’ offensive will turn out this year.

“You are on little projection,” said Eberflus, via Curtis Paschelka from San Jose Mercury News. “You have to visualize how they are going to use the young man and where they are going to use them in their attack. We certainly have an idea of ​​what this crime looks like. But how they are going to use it, no one really knows. You have to use your rules, make your calls and make sure you are healthy.”

The 49ers will have to make some sense for themselves as this is the first time Eberlus and his crew have coached the team in a regular season game, but there will likely be more eyes on how they spread Lance given the bets they’ve made on a quarterback at the top. From Project 2021 and this is out of season.

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