February 7, 2023

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Mart Hoogkamer cancels Zwarte Cross and Vierdaagsefeesten: 'It looks like a guitar full of cotton wool' |  Black Cross 2022

Mart Hoogkamer cancels Zwarte Cross and Vierdaagsefeesten: ‘It looks like a guitar full of cotton wool’ | Black Cross 2022

NIJMEGEN – Mart Hoogkamer was supposed to be a crowd pleaser this weekend at both Zwarte Cross and Vierdaagsefeesten, but unfortunately that can’t happen. The singer has inflamed the nasal passages.

As a result, according to his management, he has had to cancel all his shows until next Tuesday. On Saturday he performed at the Zwarte Cross in Lichtenvoorde. A day later, he will be on Waalkade at Matrixx Live aan de Kade during the Vierdaagsefeesten in Nijmegen.

Mart Hoogkamer is best known for his hit song “I’m Going Swimming”. This image is from the music video for that song. © YouTube

According to his management, Mart Hoogkamer is very disappointed and finds it very annoying. “Singing is hard as playing an acoustic guitar full of cotton wool… it doesn’t work and seems worthless,” the singer writes on Instagram, alongside an ultrasound of his nasal passages. According to his management, the statement that it would sound like a guitar full of cotton wool came from an ENT doctor who looked at it.

Emma Hesters as a substitute

Organizer Matrixx has already arranged a replacement for Vierdaagsefesten with Emma Heesters. She will perform on Sunday at 9:30 pm. Zwarte Cross is still looking for an alternative. Hoogkamer will show his vocal skills there from 11.15pm to 11.45pm.

It is not known exactly when Hoogkamer will be available again. Some recover faster than others from inflammation of the nasal passages. He is now on medication to treat it.

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