Glenys Grace distributed seven cars full of stuff at Ter Apel | stars

Glenys Grace distributed seven cars full of stuff at Ter Apel |  stars

The singer arrived at the recording center in the afternoon and left again around 6 pm. She and her group of friends distributed belongings and talked to refugees.

Grace previously invited her followers to donate things. “Everyone now knows the situation in Ter Abel and the hundreds and hundreds of refugees who have been trapped there and left to their own devices in appalling conditions,” she said in a video. “I want to help, my team of friends wants to help and we have decided to drive there next Sunday with the necessary things we need there.”

make fun of them

Right after she called to donate things, social media reacted with sarcasm. She was accused of only seeking attention and polishing her image. The singer was also widely mocked on Sunday. “The first asylum seekers arrived in Doetinchem with great happiness. Just in time from Ter Apel #glennisgrace,” one jokes. These people at Ter Apel spared nothing. First sleeping on the street, then showing Glinda in front of the gate,” writes another.

There are also frequent references to the incident in February, when she allegedly assaulted employees of a supermarket in Amsterdam and had to appear in court for it in October. For example, photos are shared of a Jumbo branch whose windows are paneled, but also of a completely looted supermarket.

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