Man sues Canon: ‘You can’t erase without a toner cartridge’

Man sues Canon: 'You can't erase without a toner cartridge'

So the man concludes that Canon users have to buy new ink, even if they want to use a function that requires no ink at all. He writes so he goes to court and invites others to participate record.

The lawsuit is now before a federal judge in the state of New York. The man, David Leacraft, blames Canon for introducing its printers as multifunction machines without warning consumers that they always need to have ink in their printer.

Leacraft demands that Canon pay compensation to all victims. He also wants Canon to stop the marketing campaign and clearly state that you also need a toner cartridge for scanning and faxing.

Canon wants to make money off cartridges

Cannon may have to pay as little as $5 million ($4.2 million) because more than a hundred people can participate in the lawsuit. Possible victims include at least all people who bought a similar Canon printer in New York State.

Leacraft himself paid about a hundred dollars for a Canon Pixma MG2522 printer. In the Court documents Leacraft lawyers point out that printer manufacturers often offer their printers dirt cheap, because they make their money selling ink cartridges. They argue that the requirement to always have enough ink in your Canon printer, even if you’re not using that ink, is a simple attempt to extract more money from consumers.

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