“Here we know the glory of Alfa Romeo”

"Here we know the glory of Alfa Romeo"

Alfa Romeo hopes to get points again ahead of the United States Grand Prix. The team hopes to perform better in the United States. The United States has a particular interest in the team and Kimi Rக்கோikkனnen won his last race.

The Alpha Romeo is valuable in the United States

Team captain Frederick Vasur is late Alpha-Preview Know: “We’ve going to Austin with one goal in mind; back to the points. We got the points in Russia, not too far in Turkey.

“We hope we do well here in the United States.

Raikonen returns to the Holy Land

“I have fond memories of Kota” Alpha driver Rykonen starts. “This is where I got my last hit, so it’s nice to look back. But once I got in the car, it didn’t matter.”

With points low in Turkey, both R ரikknen and teammate Antonio Giovinci have to put their best path forward.

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