Man allegedly killed after stealing cheese

Man allegedly killed after stealing cheese

The man who died on Friday, September 23 at about 00.50 a.m. Found dead on the roadHe is believed to have been killed after stealing the cheese. This was reported by the Suriname Police Force.

Geyersvlijt Police received a report that the body of a man was found along the Maretraite Road. At the scene, law enforcement officers found the body with injuries to the arms and head. A tie was also found in the immediate vicinity.

The victim is a man of Creole origin, whose personal data has not yet been identified, Reports Suriname Police.

The case was taken over by Capital Crimes. The investigators’ investigation resulted in an anonymous witness who provided useful information. The preliminary investigation established that the last victim was lying on the floor in a supermarket with duct tape and a tie tied by a man.

Furthermore, a Chinese man hit him and pulled him away. The Chinese man reported to the Major Crimes Department after being summoned. It is reported that the victim stole the cheese from him and took it and put it outside the supermarket.

He denies killing the man or knowing his death. Pending investigation, he was arrested and, after consulting with the Suriname Public Prosecutor’s Office, taken into custody.

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