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Fast Travel Games has announced Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, part of the VR from the Stellaris 4X RTS franchise, in a trailer. The game is coming exclusively to Meta Quest 2 “Early 2023”.

According to the developer Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is a VR action game Rogoliteitems that occur in space.” In the game, players control the spaceship Aurora and go in search of the honorary ghost sign, According to PC Gamer A reference to a touching event from Stellaris Games. As the trailer also shows, you share space battles and planet-sized aliens.

The game uses elements of the roguelike genre, a game format that usually focuses on game environments that are “randomly generated” and permanently losing your character. In the roguelike sub-genre, the parameters tend to be a bit more forgiving and the player retains some of their progress even after death.

In Ghost Signal, the roguelite principle appears to have been put into place, among other things, in the spaceship upgrade. The world is also “random”. It is not clear if, and if so, in what way, the deep strategy elements characteristic of Paradox Interactives Stellaris should appear in the pop-up.

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