Macron: US climate law threatens to ‘fragment’ the West

Macron: US climate law threatens to 'fragment' the West

French President Emmanuel Macron has sharply criticized President Joe Biden’s protectionist climate and economic policies during a state visit to the United States. Speaking to US lawmakers, he called Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, a $369 billion stimulus package of green subsidies and tax credits for US companies, “over-aggressive” and harmful to European companies. “The choices made are the choices that will tear the West apart.” Macron said.

Not only is the French president unhappy with the IRA in terms of content, but he believes Biden should have coordinated better with France and the European Union. “These kinds of choices can only work if we coordinate between us, if we decide together, and again work in sync.” According to the French President, greater coordination should also take place in the field of climate policy.

With these statements, the multilateralist Macron casts himself as a spokesperson for the European Union, which has long been a concern. About the ‘Buy American’ policy From Biden. EU member states fear that US companies will no longer invest in the EU and that European companies may shift their production to the US. They see a country focused on the trade war with China but forgetting about Europe.


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According to AP diplomatic sources, Macron will argue during his visit to Washington to exempt some green European companies from the IRA. But Biden appears unwilling to make concessions: At Macron and Biden’s joint press conference Thursday evening, there was no mention of exceptions.

Other concrete plans were also missing Thursday evening. Nevertheless, Macron may look back with satisfaction on the first days of his visit to the US – he will travel to New Orleans on Friday. He is the truth First Head of Govt The French president could use what Biden received on a state visit as a sign that he is a leader in Europe; A role he is more than happy to accept. Through his outspoken criticism of the IRA, the president could position himself domestically as a defender of French companies and workers in times of crisis.

In addition, Biden praised him Thursday evening, particularly about their cooperation on the war in Ukraine. France is our oldest ally. Our staunch ally in the freedom struggle,” Biden said during a press conference. Even in Macron’s words, his criticism of the previous days was far from over. He called France and America “sisters in the struggle for freedom.”

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