February 3, 2023

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Macron feels hot breath from the left on his neck before the elections

Macron feels hot breath from the left on his neck before the elections

President Macron made a major working visit to the country this week. Talk to young people in a poor suburb of Paris and travel to Gilac, in the south of France, to discuss street safety.

This is no accident. Emmanuel Macron is campaigning without calling it one. Parliamentary elections will be held tomorrow. Macron’s Ennahda party is doing well in the polls, but is being chased by a new coalition of five left-wing parties. So the president himself goes out to show the French what he and his party are up to.

“According to opinion polls, Macron’s party can now count on about a quarter of the vote. This is roughly equal to what the Left Alliance is getting now,” says Eruan Listruhan of research agency Odoxa.

There is no cooperation on the right

And the right-wing parties are divided, the votes of the right-wing voters are dispersed. To work at the expense of these parties. “For example, the radical right-wing party Marine Le Pen now only has 20 percent of the vote,” says Estruhan. In the presidential election two months ago, Le Pen came second behind Macron.

So the battle over the voter is mainly between the left and Macron. This is mainly due to leftist cooperation. Aurelien Tashe, one of the candidates, said: “In the past 25 years, the various left-wing parties did not form a coalition in the parliamentary elections. Now they have and this increases our chance of winning a majority in Parliament.” On behalf of the Left Coalition.

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This new partnership is called Nupes in full, The New People’s Ecological and Social Consortium. Socialists and communists participate, as well as the Green Party and the radical left party La France Insoumise (LFI). Jean-Luc Melenchon is the captain of the LFI. He came in third in the first round of the presidential election earlier this year, just behind Le Pen.

Melenchon says he wants to become prime minister if the left wins the parliamentary elections. But we are not there yet. Because of the complex electoral system, it is still uncertain who will emerge as the winner.