Today, America decides how much power Biden should give up

Today, America decides how much power Biden should give up


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  • Lucas Wagmeister

    US reporter

  • Lucas Wagmeister

    US reporter

It is still for a few countries. With little differences in opinion polls. For months, the picture of the Senate elections has been swinging back and forth. From Republicans who have been sitting on roses, to President Biden’s popularity that has already rebounded, to Republicans who stand a chance even in Democratic districts.

It’s a day mid-termElections in America: For Seats in Congress and Power in the Individual States. Voting has been underway for weeks in many states; By mail or by mobile phone drop boxes. Polling stations are also open across the country today, and vote counting begins tonight.

Elections with the main advantage of a majority in the Senate. Will the Republicans succeed in winning a majority in the Senate as well as an almost certain victory in the House? Then not only can they block President Biden’s policies in the coming years, but they are de facto head of the national government.

An election with a poisonous edge

The polls are unanimous: Republicans are likely to regain that majority in the House. The race remains open to the Senate, the powerful 100-seat body, two for each state in the United States. An unexpected result of at least six seats. If the Republicans win three of those six, they will take power in the Senate.

The midterm stress test of American democracy

In addition, the Republican campaign was primarily about the “radical left” Biden administration. With their difficult economy strong origin in the hands. Price increases in the US are more extreme in many places than in Europe, the tank full is twice as high as it was a year ago. Everyone feels soaring inflation every day, which is clearly something that goes back to the incumbent: President Biden and the Democrats.

They have struggled to get past it with their message of undermining democracy. Biden sounded the alarm in several major speeches, calling this election a “battle for the soul of the nation.” Democrats also preferred to talk about basic rights that are under pressure in republican states, such as abortion and gay rights.

And so it became in the first place a campaign in which everyone spoke in front of each other, or in other words: a campaign of colossal contradictions. Two parties defending America are completely different. Those who want to remain positive say that the voter at least really has a choice among themselves. The bleakest version: No matter which way the score falls, America remains nearly ungovernable and divided to the bone.

Decisive races

As mentioned, the results entry is about a few Senate races. It’s a well-known list swing states Where the majority decision will be made in the Senate.

Many eyes will be on Pennsylvania, where Trump-backed Mehmet Oz said “Dr. Oz grew up on Oprah Winfrey shows, where he faced off against Jon Fetterman, the former left-wing mayor from rest contact.

Arizona is the third state in which it has been unsettled for a long time in 2020 about determining the outcome. There, too, a critical race is underway, and there’s also the Republican candidate, Trump. Blake Masters challenges current Democrat Mark Kelly, a former astronaut.

Waiting for results

Besides strength in Washington, the results could have important implications for the dynamics within the Republican Party. Will Trumbo succeed like Oz Walker and Masters? Then this is an additional incentive for the party to continue focusing on the voice of the far right in the upcoming elections. If a number of prominent Trump candidates fail to win, there is hope for conservatives who want to get rid of Trump.

Then there is the long wait for the results: by the time the Netherlands wakes up on Wednesday, there will probably be no more than a rough idea of ​​which party has done well in this midterm election. Of the states listed above, Georgia will likely have a rash soon, but Pennsylvania and Arizona are already certain it will take longer.

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