February 7, 2023

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Luca Borsato receives 'hate comments and death threats' over his father's condition |  gossip

Luca Borsato receives ‘hate comments and death threats’ over his father’s condition | gossip

“As I definitely realized that owning a famous name can be a privilege, in recent years I have experienced what the consequences are when the rudder changes. Collaborations regarding my music have come to a halt and collapsed,” Luca shares. “Hateful comments and death threats are no longer alien to me today. As much as I would like to break free from something I am separated from, there seems to be no possibility for this.”

The singer does not write a letter “pity or attention”, but wants to “no longer hide.” That’s why he decided to release his own music. “No label, no directors, no photographers or videographers, no media team.”

Video: Reporter Jordi Verstigden talks about the consequences of Luca Borsato’s decision.

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According to Luca, this decision goes against the advice he received, but he does not want to hold out any longer. “I am my character, with my own story and my own voice. That is what I want to come out with and why I feel compelled to start with this statement.”

The singer will not say anything else about the “status quo” at the moment and will focus on his music. “I don’t know how it will all turn out, but I can’t wait to finally be able to share the songs with the world.”

Marco Borsato

In mid-December, a 22-year-old woman reported “indecent assaults” against Marco Borsato. The woman said that she was abused by the singer since the age of fifteen.

Mid-January, via the online program Angry From BnnVara More allegations against Marco Borsato. In his position as a coach in Holland sound And the baby voiceMany candidates and collaborators.

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