May 28, 2023

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Loretta Shriver Hasn't Healed Yet: Anything That Could Go Wrong Has Wrong

Loretta Shriver Hasn’t Healed Yet: Anything That Could Go Wrong Has Wrong

Loretta says she initially stayed sober when she heard she had cancer. “But then something went wrong,” she says. “My intestines started twisting, I got pneumonia, an abscess formed in my stomach and they ended up slashing me all over my chest. Then that wound didn’t heal properly, I had a hole, and fistulas started to form. Whatever went wrong can’t go wrong, it went wrong.” I completely lost myself.” The presenter describes the period as “extremely painful”.

Loretta knew great fears. Also when you finally get to eat bammy after surgery. “Pammy came out at night — while I lay there flat, sedated, still attached to all sorts of equipment — and [ik moest] He vomited so violently that I was afraid I would choke on him. Because it was so dark, I didn’t know how to ask for help.”

For a long time Loretta could not talk about what happened to her. In the end, EMDR therapy helps her get rid of bad memories. For example, you don’t remember anything about the stoma you walked with for a year. “Only the scar reminds me of her.”

Loretta must have an exam every three months. In the spring of 2022, another spot is found on her liver that turns out to be a tumor. “This is in my system,” says the presenter. This sounds like “Dark Cloud” Loretta. “Fear is always the main culprit.” Loretta would rather not talk about what happened to her. “Because then it’s there. As long as I’m having a lot of fun, it won’t be there.”

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RTL Boulevard previously spoke to Loretta about metastases in her liver.

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