Cheapest Western Digital Storage Card for Xbox Series X and S Appears Online Gaming News

Western Digital appears to be working on storage units for the Xbox Series X and S. A US store has put such units online early, at $180 for the 1TB model. So far, Seagate has only created storage cards for Xbox Series consoles.

Western Digital C50 expansion cards recently appeared in US retailer Best Buy. The Verge was the first to notice. The 1TB variant is listed on the company’s webstore for $180. That’s less than Seagate ships with a 1TB card; The suggested retail price for this card was $220 and it’s listed on Pricewatch for €219.12. Best Buy has since removed the products offline. It is not known when Western Digital will officially announce the cards.

Xbox Series X and S storage can only be expanded with these types of special storage cards. These are external hard drives with a special connection, which are just as fast as the consoles internal SSD. Currently, only Seagate makes these storage cards in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants. It looks like Western Digital will soon be coming with at least a 1TB Xbox card, with a lower suggested retail price than its Seagate counterpart. It is not known if Western Digital is also working on storage cards with other storage amounts.

The price of $180, converted and with VAT, comes to €201. This is still more expensive than a similarly priced PCIe 4.0 SSD. Sony’s PS5 uses M. 2 SSDs, though they’re officially required to deliver a minimum sequential read speed of 5,500MB/s. SSDs that meet this requirement are currently listed on Pricewatch for less than a hundred euros.

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