Lorenz and his friend Patrick’s breakup were surprised: “It hurts so much” | Displays

Lorenz and his friend Patrick's breakup were surprised: "It hurts so much" |  Displays

Lorenz and her boyfriend, Patrick, suddenly break up. on her podcast Crude explores: love The 42-year-old fitness guru says she is currently dealing with heartbreak. “I think that had to happen, as painful as it is,” she says.

In February, Laurens shared a photo of himself and the 50-year-old entrepreneur, Patrick, for the first time. “It helps to cry, it comforts you, even though it hurts a lot,” says the emotional Lourens. “Now I understand what my pattern is. I know that love also had to cross my path for me to realize that.”

The fitness influencer says she often tries to change people in relationships. “I can’t expect him to become another pressure cooker,” she says in conversation with her sister, Shanti. “Because what you’re actually saying is: You’re not as good as you are.”

Laurens received many reactions from listeners after sharing her breakup. She responded, “So overwhelming, all those cute messages.”

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