Loose-lipped Airen Mylene has caused a fight at Shownieuws

Flapuit Airen zorgt voor ruzie met collega

Airen Mylene revealed that two colleagues dove into a closet during a party for Shownieuws employees and were then caught by the janitor. Shownieuws are less pleased with Airen’s revelation. I sent an email with apologies.

Airen gave the warm revelation on Radio 538. Asked “Is it show level, is it editing/production level?” “They are different levels,” Erin replied.

Possible names

Juicechannel has already mentioned a number of potential names and Dyantha Brooks immediately denied it was her. “I missed every Talpa concert this past year, so please keep me out of this mess,” she wrote in a message to Juicechannel.


Juicechannel suspects Manuel Venderbos or Tooske Ragas, but it’s still not clear who the gossip is about. The channel reported that the story caused a massive panic at Shownieuws. “Shownieuws are currently unhappy with Airen,” the channel reported. Airen has now sent an email to everyone to apologize. Whether these apologies have been accepted is not clear, although we believe the rest will be done with Airen for a while…

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