Liz Truss joins Penny Mordaunt in the British Prime Minister’s fight | Abroad

Liz Truss joins Penny Mordaunt in the British Prime Minister's fight |  Abroad

According to most political insiders, Truss has the best credentials to fight Sunak. In the fourth round, Kimi Badenouch received the fewest votes and was removed from the list. It is seen as a person who, like Truss, works on the right side of the platoon. Truss is likely to attract more Badenoch votes now to be shared than Mordaunt.

It’s an important vote. Because even though Sunak is very popular among members of his group, members of the Conservative Party don’t want to know anything about him. According to a poll conducted on Tuesday morning, he would lose to all three candidates, including Badenouch, when it came to members’ votes. It is precisely the members who make the final decision.

But nothing is certain in this battle for the leadership of the party. Last week, Mordaunt appeared to be a favourite among party members. But after her lackluster TV appearance, she seems to have lost momentum.

Britain’s exit from the European Union

By the way, the only one who got out of the televised discussions was weaker than Truss. She makes a bleak impression as she constantly hammers home her accomplishments, which is highly unreliable for someone who started her career as a liberal democrat and was the only one among the remaining candidates who voted against Brexit in the 2016 referendum. Mordaunt, on the other hand, is seen To him as someone who has a good chance of defeating Labor in 2024.

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