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My first experience with Linux, if my memory didn’t fail me, was 20-30 years ago with a Redhat distribution in which I was experimenting with something on the command line. At the time, Linux was still too basic to use properly, but I was concerned with that.

Then after a while, there was a presentation of Linux by a few guests at Van Pierre Boekhandel at the Heuvelgalerie in Eindhoven. A few people showed what Linux is, and soon after that I bought the first version of Linux. At the time it was from SuSE Linux: a large box, with accompanying manuals and a CD brochure containing at the time 6 operating system installation CDs. (DVDs didn’t exist yet.) Here Some pictures similar to what I bought at the time.

I loved Linux, and even though my computer was a “normal” Windows, my servers were Linux anyway, and I always had a Linux laptop. You’ve learned the ins and outs of knowing Linux, how the system works, and what are the differences between Mac, Windows, and Linux.

When I got a little tired of SuSE, I went surfing, and found Kubuntu for the first time. I was still loyal to KDE at the time. Then it became Linux Mint which I mainly still use to this day.

But all this time, Linux has been an additional operating system for me, running alongside the main Windows OS. Linux wasn’t the main OS until I built a new PC with AMD Ryzen a couple of years ago. For me, it was now good enough to continue life as a major OS.

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