Finally: B&B Full of Love’s First Kiss Is Real

Finally: B&B Full of Love's First Kiss Is Real

According to Monique, they finally had a “normal evening” without having to clean out the fence or paint the wall. “It was so relaxing,” she told the camera. Vincent also admits he was “very cute” and goes from ear to ear. “I guess you can see from my smile that something is wrong,” said the bed and breakfast owner.

But what exactly is this “thing”? Presenter Art Rooijakkers tries to find out when he comes to audition for Vincent’s B&B. “There was a match from the start,” Vincent said when Art asked him how things are going between them now. “Some of the ladies went through, but we stayed together. It’s really cool (…) her whole look is positive, she’s always happy and always smiling. I’m sure now I really want to give it a shot.”

Although Vincent keeps his mouth shut about what exactly happened that night, Arte is more fortunate with Monique. “I feel itchy now,” she told him. “We have to look further then.” When the presenter then asks if anything happened between them, she laughs. “Well…there was a good night kiss. And it felt so good.”

b & with love It can be seen on RTL 4 for the last time on Thursday at 8.30pm. You can watch the entire season on Videoland.

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