Linda de Mol expects to return on TV this fall | Displays

Linda de Mol expects to return on TV this fall |  Displays

Linda de Mol is expecting her return on TV this fall at the latest. Talpa announced this on Thursday. Then the new season chasing a million dollars It can be seen on SBS6.

Initially, the program was scheduled to start on March 27. But “in consultation with the concerned parties” it was decided to postpone the season. De Mall left after revealing Holland sound She knows how to give up all her duties for the time being. the program Angry It came with proven discoveries about sexual misconduct involving, among others, orchestra leader Jeroen Rietbergen, de Mol’s now ex-boyfriend.

De Mol is having a hard time with her and doesn’t want to say anything more about her ex-boyfriend’s misbehavior or that of voice coach Ali B, who has been famous for some time in her magazine editors. “Saying everything honestly and frankly, it was my intention,” Linda Books last month on his website. Once I crawled out of the black hole a bit, I would tell my story on my own platform. After yesterday I decided not to say anything at all.


De Mol has not only suspended her TV duties. It can no longer be read and seen in its own journal for the time being. “I am convinced that this broken heart will heal, but it takes time,” editor-in-chief Karen Swerink wrote in the paper. Latest Introduction From Linda† “I don’t know how long that will take.” She notes that the magazine will come out with a topic related to sexual transgressive behavior. I prefer composing a song like this with Linda, when she’s the strong woman she’s always been again. But yes, being a strong woman always and everywhere is not easy.

It is not known what Talpa will broadcast instead of chasing a million dollars

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