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Square Enix is ​​delaying the release of the Life is Strange remaster to early 2022. The remastered collection consists of the original game and prequel Before the Storm and was supposed to be released on September 30, but the developers indicated that they need more time.

The developers announced the delay in Tweet. This is the Life is Strange Remastered set, a bundle of both the original Life is Strange and prequel Before the Storm, both of which are visually refined. Meanwhile, Square Enix is ​​working on a successor to the original game, which is slated for a September release. “Given the ongoing hurdles surrounding the global pandemic, we want to relieve the pressure on the team by giving them more time between the release of Life is Strange: True Colors and the Remastered Collection,” Square Enix wrote. The match has therefore been postponed to “early 2022” on all platforms. Square Enix does not state the exact date.

The third game in the Life is Strange series, True Colors, is still releasing on September 10 for most platforms Except for the Nintendo Switch. This will be followed by “sometime in 2021”. Shortly after True Colors is released, Wavelengths dlc will be launched. In it, players take on the role of DJ Steph Gingrich on the radio and can, among other things, advise callers through a system that resembles dungeons and dragons. DLC will be released on September 30th.

Players who purchase Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition will also get free access to the two games in the Remastered Collection. This deal already exists and will continue to exist. Square Enix says. Players can then download the game when it’s finished.

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