LG will produce TVs with OLED EX panels starting in the second quarter of 2022 – Picture and Sound – News

LG Display demonstrated the next generation of OLED technology for TVs. According to the manufacturer, these OLED EX displays offer higher screen brightness and more accurate colors. It will be published for television production from the second quarter of 2022.

LG Display claims in a press release That OLED EX panels offer better image quality than previous OLED screens, among other things with higher screen brightness. OLED TVs consist of individual membership Diodes This radiates light. With OLED EX, LG display puts deuteriumResidential complexes To improve these diodes. According to LG Display, these deuterium-based diodes can emit stronger light while “maintaining high long-term efficiency”. This is in comparison to previous hydrogen bonds.

Deuterium is already used in the LG Display’s Evo panels, Also writes TheElect. Evo-oled displays have been in use since this year, including the LG G1 TVs. According to the manufacturer, these Evo panels are 20 percent more efficient than regular OLED panels, which can also be increased in brightness. For OLED EX panels, LG’s display reports up to 30 percent higher brightness than “traditional OLED displays.” Tweakers have questions at LG Display about the subtle differences between the OLED Evo and the OLED EX.

Moreover, LG Display claims that OLED EX offers better color reproduction. For this, the company uses a file machine learningimage control algorithm. This algorithm “expects a usage amount of up to 33 million organic diode” after knowing users’ viewing patterns. Using this data, the algorithm controls the display’s power input to display colors more accurately. According to LG Display, the screen bezels are also getting smaller with the new production technology; the edges From a 65 inch OLED TV it is reduced from 6mm to 4mm.

LG Display says it will use OLED EX from the second quarter of 2022. The manufacturer will use OLED EX to produce all OLED TVs made at LG Display’s factories in Baju and Guangzhou. In addition to OLED EX, LG Display is also working on other screen technologies. As part of the CES technology fair, the company this week showed OLED Shelf Concept TVIt consists of two 55-inch OLED transparent panels.

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