LG Announces New Soundbars for 2023 – Picture and Sound – News

If you have this problem with wireless devices, it means you really have broken equipment or you’re doing things that they weren’t made for. Or your WiFi signal is so strong that you want to enjoy WiFi all over the city.

My house is full of wireless speakers that work wireless with the TV, good, capable WiFi everywhere. Some of the speakers are together as a stereo set and some are wirelessly connected to my soundbar, such as the subwoofer and rear speakers. Never suffer from disconnections or any kind of insanity. Up to 7.1, Atmos etc. Wirelessly transmits from TV to audio setup or temporarily to other rooms if needed, never a problem.

Short-range wireless connections should not be affected by WiFi, unless you put an access point in front, which of course you are not within reach.

I don’t have experience with one system either, but with many. Both DTS Play-Fi that finally came up from 2022 and Yamaha Musiccast. I have not had any problems with WiFi/signal with any of the systems.

People even have interference from 5G on coax cable. You have to buy special coaxial cables to keep up with 5G radiation. How do you think it works with the other equipment all on the same frequency?

This is a completely different frequency and uses completely different technologies, which cannot be compared at all.

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