Deadliest snowstorm in decades in Buffalo: ‘Hey, you don’t know me, but I found your brother’ | abroad

Deadliest snowstorm in decades in Buffalo: 'Hey, you don't know me, but I found your brother' |  abroad

Buffaloes groan under the deadliest blizzard in decades. In recent days, people have been buried alive under large piles of snow in the streets. They froze while shoveling snow or when they were stuck in their cars. Sometimes people get lucky, like the mentally challenged Joey who was found half-frozen by Shakira Oghtree.

The story of the savior angel was shared on Facebook by North Park Theatrewhich Joey works for, W.J local blog Sweet buffalo.

Mentally handicapped Joey White, 64, took to the streets on Friday despite all warnings from weather stations and local authorities. The United States has been experiencing heavy snowfall for days. So far about sixty people have died – And Erie County, a region in upstate New York around the city of Buffalo, has been particularly hard hit. Anyone who ventures out into the street is playing with their lives. But Joey had to go to work, he thought. “He didn’t understand the real gravity of the storm,” someone wrote on Facebook on behalf of the theatre.

The 64-year-old American stayed in the theater all night and tried to go home last Friday. Outside he became confused. He froze and cried for help. Shakira heard Ughtree Joey near her door and asked her friend to check. Joey was lifted inside.

Frozen clothes

The man looked bad. His socks were frozen at his feet, his pants were on his legs, and the handle of a plastic bag was in his hands. They were cut from the Joeys and Shakira, a mother of three, who nursed the man. She washed his clothes, bandaged his wounds, gave him blankets and warm food.

However, Joey struggled with his injuries. He was in great pain, his hands were swollen and blisters from frostbite appeared. Shakira called a nearby hospital, but she was put on a waiting list. The weather conditions were so rough, even the rescuers got stuck in the snow and had to rescue them.

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a call

Shakira panicked, worried that help would come too late and that Joy’s hands would have to be amputated. She did Urgent call for help via Facebook video. “This is what his hands look like,” she says. “We need help. He’s going to lose his fingers. I don’t know what to do. You all share this video. I did everything I could. I don’t want to be on a list. This guy is not going to die here. You have to help.”

Her plea was heard. A number of people made it to her house in a pickup truck, plowing through knee-deep snow for an aerial lift to the car in a blanket. They took him to ECMC Hospital in Buffalo. Shakira rode along so Joey could feel comfortable. Nobody will hurt you, my dear. ”It was now Christmas Eve.”

Joey is taken care of at the hospital. He was admitted with fourth-degree frostbite, but is now in good health. Shakira called Joey’s sister, “Hey, you don’t know me, but I have your brother.” Joy’s sister left the blog Sweet buffalo You know Shakira saved her brother’s life. “What she and her boyfriend did was an act of pure love.”

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Collection and tickets

It started with Chris Dearing, Director of Marketing at the theater where Joy works Two fundraisers through Gofundmeone for hapless Joey and one for his lifeguard, Shakira.

He also invites, and blogs Sweet buffaloPeople to send an aerial card. “His sister and the nurses at ECMC want to see Joey smile! Let’s shower him with love and cards! He loves Bruze Lee, the Bills (the Buffalo Bills football team, ed.) and the Sabers (the Buffalo Sabers ice hockey team, ed.).

Presence in Buffalo and the surrounding area So far, about thirty people have died due to the effects of the blizzard. At least 60 people have been killed in the storm so far across the United States. Electricity was cut off from tens of thousands of homes. The local authorities in Buffalo have decided tonight (Netherlands time) that it is forbidden to drive on the road. The police and army enforce the ban. “A lot of people took to the road anyway. It’s very dangerous,” local official Mark Polonkarz said at a news conference.

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