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Pictures of the unannounced Legion mobile squad were found on the Lenovo website. This will have a 7-inch HD display with HDR10, a 7000mAh battery, and integrated controllers. There are also photos of a smartphone with water cooling.

The images were found on the Mobile World Congress websites of Lenovo Germany and Lenovo Japan, a user reports In the Gbatemp forum. The pictures show a handheld device with thumb sticks on each side, x, y, b, buttons, d pad, shoulder buttons, USB-C connector, microphone, and 3.5mm jack. The interface displays GeForce Now, Google Play and other Android applications. The device is called Lenovo Legion Play.

according to Liliputing website The websites’ source code also includes a product description that states that the mobile device has a 16:9 HD display with HDR10 support, dual speakers, dual vibration, and a 7000 mAh battery. The description talks about “Android Cloud Game Console”. Lenovo has not yet made an official announcement about the alleged mobile device.

Legion Duel H20 Edition phone

Liliputing also found images of a concept phone, the Legion Phone Duel H20 edition. This device is supposed to represent the modified Legion Duel 2 smartphone that has a water cooling system on the back of the device. As per the description, the device will have 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. “The Legion Phone Duel H20 Edition is still in the concept stage,” Lenovo said in the description found.

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