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“As a United fan,” Liz White says, “I’m fine with a spell of boring competence to be honest.”

Post-match reaction

Christian Eriksen

It wasn’t pretty for 90 minutes, but we had three wins. We want to do better but it’s a good start. It was similar to Southampton – we have to finish the game early, otherwise it will be tight at the end. Matches continue – Thursday/Sunday until after the World Cup.

Jadon Sancho

It was a great goal for the team, and I’m glad we got the three points. I became more comfortable. It was good getting to know the team in pre-season – I missed it last year – and we worked on a few things.

It was a forgotten game, settled with a neat goal from Jadon Sancho. It’s too early to say United are back, but Erik ten Hag will be happy with a successive clean sheet away from home. The last time it happened in the league was in March 2021. Casemiro was good when he came in, and the new central defender duo of Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane were impressive again.

Leicester played well in the middle of the field but lacked confidence in the final third. They need to win as quickly as possible.

Full time: Leicester 0-1 Man United

Peep peep! Manchester United They rose to fifth place after their third win in a row.

90 + 3 minutes: Leicester’s big chance! A long ball forward was brilliantly touched by Dhaka towards Justin, in space to his right. He has a touch but then shoots high and wide from the edge of the area. It was Leicester’s best chance of the match.

90 + 2 minutes After a fine move from Leicester, Madison shot from 20 yards with his left foot. He made the space well, turning away from Casemiro, but he raised his shot over the top.

90 minutes Four minutes of extra time.

89 minutes United’s control of the match has been much greater since Casemiro’s entry. Fernandez moves down the right and hits a cross that hits the extended Iheanacho and flies over the bar.

87 minutes: Manchester United substitution Unique to Marcus Rashford.

87 minutes: Leicester substitution Batson Dhaka replaces Jamie Vardy.

87 minutes Vardy was booked for dissent after being punished, likely harshly, for his dealings with Malacia.

86 minutes This is a better spell for United, who have spent most of the last few minutes in the Leicester run.

84 minutes Fernandes slips a through ball down the inner right channel towards Ronaldo, whose cross/low shot dodges Eriksen in the middle. Ronaldo looks sharp tonight.

83 minutes Dewsbury Hall had a long-range shot that was saved by Martinez. United broke and Dalot crossed towards Ronaldo behind the far post. He shoots with a scissor kick that enters the ground before bouncing over Ward and a few meters wide.

82 minutes Fernandez Nutmeg Thomas and passes to Rashford on the left. He plays in Ronaldo, who tries to give Eriksen an open goal with a low cross pass from the first time. It’s been cut nicely by a slithering defender, I think Andedi. United got the ball back again and Rashford missed a left-footed shot from about 15 yards.

81 minutes Nothing happens. It was a strangely bloodless game.

78 minutes Thomas did a good job stopping Dalot’s low pass/cross and making its way to Eriksen in the area.

76 minutes Casemiro did well, bringing some calm and authority to United’s midfield. He gets the ball a lot. Meanwhile, Leicester bring in Kelechi Iheanacho’s Yuri Tillmans. This should mean a shift to 4-4-2.

73 minutes A dangerous ball from Fernandez towards Dalot was cut by Evans well. A statistic on BT Sport showed Leicester had just seven touches in the United area all night.

71 minutes Barnes runs Dalot in the area and tries to cross into the six-yard box. Dalot slides in, with the ball bouncing off Barnes and out for the goalkeeper. Varane and Martinez go straight to congratulate Dalot, which is either a sign of improved team spirit or a slightly erratic reaction to winning a goal kick.

70 minutes This was a very forgettable game.

68 minutes: uniform switching Cristiano Ronaldo replaces Jadon Sancho, who scored well but was otherwise quiet. Marcus Rashford will move to the left wing.

67 minutes Madison’s free kick hit the wall.

65 minutes McTominay gets his hands on Maddison on the edge of D, a dangerous free kick to concede. This is Leicester’s chance.

64 minutes Barnes runs Dalot elegantly and pulls the ball to Vardy, who shortens his return pass. United are calling for problems with their negative performance in the second half.

62 minutes Leicester continue to control the ball, although Casemiro has already made two or three interceptions.

59 minutes: uniform switching Casemiro replaces Anthony Ilanga. This means that Eriksen will move to No. 10 and Fernandes to the right wing.

Casemiro works.
Casemiro works. Photo: Manchester United/Getty Images

58 minutes Vardy reversed a fine return pass to Madison, who couldn’t take it in his stride over the edge of the area. Martinez allows.

57 minutes Casemiro prepares to come.

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