LeBron James to miss match after entering NBA COVID protocols

LeBron James to miss match after entering NBA COVID protocols

LeBron James I got into NBA COVID-19 health and safety protocols and missed LakersGame against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night.

According to NBA rules, players have been vaccinated, like James, enter protocols either after a positive test result or after inconclusive test results. According to protocols, a vaccinated player can return if they test negative for the virus in consecutive tests 24 hours apart or if 10 days have passed without symptoms.

The Lakers play six times in the next two weeks, including their first game with clippers This season is Friday at Staples Center.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said that before they played with the Kings the team knew James would head to protocols early Tuesday morning. After obtaining the results, Vogel said, “We have arranged for him to return the transfer to Los Angeles safely.”

“It’s obviously a huge loss. It’s disappointing,” Vogel said. “We just want the best for him now. This is where our thoughts are. And we have the mentality of the next guy.”

After losing to the Kings in overtime three times last Friday night at Staples Center, the Lakers claimed they came here with the mentality of returning to Sacramento.

The Lakers got their message across by playing a massive defense in the second half and allowing them to win 117-92 over the Kings at the Golden1 Center.

The Lakers outnumbered the Kings 67-33 in the second half to win their second game in a row.

When the Lakers were down by 14 early in the third quarter, they finally came up with the right approach.

They beat the Kings 37-15 for third to open an 87-74 lead and enter fourth.

Even more impressively, the Lakers outperformed the Kings 35-8 after dropping 66-52 early on in third.

Lakers forward Anthony Davis hits Sacramento Kings forward Chiemzi Mito.

Lakers forward Anthony Davis shoots down Sacramento Kings forward Shimzi Mito during the first quarter in Sacramento on Tuesday.

(Randall Benton/The Associated Press)

James said at a media day in September that he received a COVID-19 vaccine after being “extremely skeptical” but decided to do so after doing his own research.

“I know I was very skeptical about everything,” James said of pre-season vaccinations. “But after doing my research and things like that, I felt it was the right fit, not just for me but for my family and friends. That’s why I decided to do it.”

Before the season began, the Lakers vice president of basketball operations and general manager Rob Pelinka said all of their players would be “fully vaccinated” at the start of the regular season against Golden State.

The NBA and the Players Association have recommended the use of booster shots for all players and coaches. NBA doctors sent a memo to teams with pre-season large-scale antibody testing results.

Vogel said he, Pelinka and the team’s medical staff had that discussion with the players “just to encourage and recommend the boost shot and the values ​​that come with it.”

James played 11 of the Lakers’ 23 games, missed one game due to suspension, two games due to right ankle pain, eight games due to abdominal strain and now this.

No one knows how long James will be unemployed this time around.

“Every year, teams have key players to do the stretching exercises,” Vogel said. “You have to win as many games as you can when that is the case and when they are all healthy, you have to have enough time for them to build their cohesion which is essential to win big time and that has not been the case for us so far this season. But no There is reason to believe it wouldn’t be.”

The Lakers entered the game against the Kings with a 4-7 score without James this season.

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