LeBron James’ message after not receiving any NBA Most Valuable Player votes: “Thank you!”

LeBron James' message after not receiving any NBA Most Valuable Player votes: "Thank you!"

LeBron James Arguably one of the greatest basketball players ever to hit the NBA floor, he’s set to turn 37 by the end of the year, but some don’t think he’s one of the best active players.

According to an offshore survey conducted by ESPN, scouts and executives believe that Giannis Antitokonmo and Kevin Durant They are the best players in the NBA. James did not get any votes.


“He’s opened up a different cheat code at both ends which gives him this place,” an Eastern Conference executive told ESPN from Antetokounmpo. “You can certainly argue in favor of Durant and LeBron [James], but between injury and age, can they do this consistently? “

James on Thursday appeared to take it lightly and expressed his frustration on social media. He appeared to have vowed to use the poll as fuel for next season.

the Los Angeles Lakers The star has seen some of the wear and tear taking over his body over the past two seasons. His first year with the Lakers in 2018-19 was met with a thigh jury that cost him most of the season and knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs. With the help of Anthony Davis, James earned a fourth title. But in 2020-21, he suffered more injuries.


James played over 1,300 regular season games and over 260 playoffs. He has been an All-Star every year except for the junior season and is a four-time MVP.

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