Lars (18) unwelcome behind a cash register with painted nails

Lars (18) unwelcome behind a cash register with painted nails

did not agree. Like his classmates, Lars wants to be able to wear nail polish whenever he feels like it. Recently there was another meeting with the manager. The shop owner was also present. “That was a little scary.”

It was pointed out in the conversation that Glanerbrug wasn’t ready for a boy with colored nails behind the cash register. “They wanted to reflect the average supermarket environment,” Lars says. “As a boy with nail polish you don’t seem to fit in.”

Lars regrets that he has now quit his job at the supermarket. “I have a lot of nice colleagues here,” he says. Even if he’s told he’s welcome with painted nails, he doesn’t feel like going back. “I won’t feel completely welcome there anymore.”

Support data

His mother shared the news on Facebook that her son stopped at the supermarket. This resulted in hundreds of support statements. Lars says he’s happy about it. Since there were many reactions from his village of Glanerbrug, he feels even more powerful. “All these reactions prove to me that Glanerbrug is ready.”

In response, Jumbo said she regretted the situation. “This is not a national Jumbo policy. At Jumbo we believe we are to and from everyone and our policy is to treat everyone equally. All employees should feel at home with us, where you can be who you are as an employee.” The supermarket chain says that the branch in Glanerbrug He has his own personnel policy.

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