Instagram removes new Penélope Cruz movie poster due to nipple exposure

Instagram removes new Penélope Cruz movie poster due to nipple exposure

attached Parallel mothers, the new movie from Pedro Almodóvar in which Penelope Cruz It can be seen removed from Instagram. This move was criticized by many for the company, after which the social media giant apologized.

The poster shows a nipple with a drop of milk on it. This goes against the nudity rules used by Instagram’s parent company Facebook. After Instagram was criticized for this decision, the poster returned to the Internet.

An Instagram spokesperson said:Under certain circumstances we make exceptions to the rules, for example if there is a clear technical context. We therefore apologize for the potential confusion we caused.

Javier Jaén, the poster designer, says Almodóvar was certainly aware that the image could cause problems on social media, but then it shouldn’t be removed from the internet just yet. Gyan is now defending the director and the film.

So says Khaen:Pedro told me he made movie posters before Instagram and will continue to do so after Instagram is gone. And what’s so shocking about the poster anyway? This was probably the first thing I saw when I was born.

However, Instagram considers it dangerous and pornographic. How many people tell them that their bodies are bad and dangerous? According to Instagram, their technology doesn’t see any difference in context. I don’t think this is an acceptable excuse. Then adapt your technology.

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