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Arion Kurtag, an 18-year-old Lapsus$ hacker, was sentenced to life in prison. The Brit prematurely leaked images of Rockstar Games’ upcoming GTA VI game last year. His skills and desire for cybercrime will make him a major social danger.

The court will make the decision Hospital prison It will be imposed indefinitely, partly because Kurtag was violent while in custody. There are said to be dozens of reports of injuries and material damage BBC reports. Doctors reportedly deemed Kurtag incapable of standing trial due to autism, prompting the jury to decide whether he intended to return to cybercrime. According to the jury, he had a “high motive” to do so.

The team defending the hacker argued that the success of the GTA VI trailer implied that Kurtaj’s hack did not do much harm to the developer – the trailer set the world record for the most viewed game ad in a single day. However, the judge states that there are indeed victims and that the damage has been done. Rockster Games told the court that fixing the hack cost $5 million, as well as thousands of hours of staff time. In addition, the judge stated that he and Lapsus$ had caused the necessary damage through other hacks of individuals and companies.

Another Lapsus$ member was found guilty in the same trial. The 17-year-old hacker worked with Kurtag and other members to hack Nvidia and BT/EE, among others. They also stole cryptocurrencies from individuals’ cryptocurrency wallets. The 17-year-old, whose name is withheld due to his age, was sentenced to 18 months of youth rehabilitation under intensive supervision.

Kurtag was responsible for, among other things, the Rockstar hack in which 3GB of GTA VI internal images were leaked last year. In total, there were over 50 minutes of street play. Among other things, it was announced early on that the next Grand Theft Auto title would have a playable female character. Earlier this month, this main character, named Lucia, appeared in the GTA VI premiere. The successor to GTA V will be released in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

In the Netherlands, it is not possible to be sentenced to life imprisonment TBS, ie livelihoodAlthough in principle it is possible to extend this measure indefinitely. In the UK, where 18-year-old hackers come from, it is possible for someone to be sent to hospital rather than to prison indefinitely. There is therefore no need to extend the procedure, although the procedure, similar to TBS, can end when doctors no longer consider someone a risk to society.

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