Lakers move Russell Westbrook to the bench after 0-4 start, per report

Lakers move Russell Westbrook to the bench after 0-4 start, per report

The Los Angeles Lakers turn Russell Westbrook To a sixth man, worth $47 million.

The much criticized Lakers goalkeeper came off the bench in Friday’s game against Minnesota Timberwolves And will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, according to ESPN’ Adrian Wojnarowski. The Lakers didn’t start it even after Anthony Davis Dismissed on Friday with lower backachego with Troy Brown Jr. While that.

Then came the decision 0-4 Lakers startalthough Westbrook had a hamstring injury in his latest loss, a 110-99 setback for Denver Nuggets Wednesday. Even when Westbrook was court, he didn’t exactly justify his status as a rookie, firing 28.9 percent of the field (8.3 percent from depth) while posting career lows in both points and assists per game and every possession. .

Coming off the bench broke a streak of 1,007 consecutive starts for Westbrook, which was the third-longest active streak in the NBA, per ESPN. The only longer streaks of Westbrook belong to Chris Paul and fellow Westbrook, LeBron James.

It is said that Los Angeles trained with five of James, Davis, Damian JonesAnd the Patrick Beverly And Lonnie Walker IV In Friday Shooting, Oversized Lineup Possibly Designed To Take On The Timberwolves’ Mega Duo Cities of Karl Anthony And the Rudy Gobert.

Russell Westbrook didn’t look happy the last time he came off the bench for the Lakers. (AP Photo/Abi Bar)

Russell Westbrook said coming off the bench for the Lakers injured his hamstrings in pre-season

Westbrook has already given us a strong indication that he’s not a fan of sitting on the bench.

The Lakers gave the lineup during their final pre-season game earlier this month, and the result saw Westbrook exit the game with a hamstring injury. after the game, He said that the various preparations to come off the bench kicked him out:

“Absolutely. I’ve been doing the same for 14 years in a row,” Westbrook said. “Honestly, I didn’t know what to do before the game, I was just trying to stay warm and baggy.

“I felt something, I didn’t know what it was. I wouldn’t risk it in a pre-season game. But it definitely wasn’t something I was used to. It wasn’t warm enough. It was something I wasn’t used to.”

Lakers coach Darvin Hamm and Westbrook have discussed the idea of ​​coming off the bench, and The coach said they reached an understanding. Whether or not they can carry out the arrangement is largely up to Westbrook now.

Finding a way to use Westbrook productively has been his #1 priority since taking over as Frank Vogel, Who was said to have been fired for not being able to do the same. Denying a start for Westbrook is a bolder move than anything the Lakers have done previously, but there needs to be a massive shift in order not to make the payroll dump trade seem like a possibility, Even if that doesn’t solve everything in Los Angeles.

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