June 5, 2023

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Laise Sanches in better than ever: "Adlicious broke down over €200,000 debt"

Laise Sanches in better than ever: “Adlicious broke down over €200,000 debt”

Fellow Adlicious members Shirley Spoor and Jordan Roy have previously been guests on The the best i can be, But they didn’t tell the story behind the band. Liz, on the other hand, does. First of all, you confirm that they participate in x factor As a great experience. “It was amazing. I said to myself: what the hell-This is very great. Making TV, new clothes every week, performing, meeting new people.”

Laise describes Adlicious as a completely milky cow. “It was milked completely empty. And after four or five years, all the milk was gone,” she says. The group signed a contract to compose new music. “We also had a manager and he ran away at night. He left us a debt of 200,000 euros. Then we left the contract and because we signed it, we also had to pay the debt.”

How is that possible exactly? This explains Laise. “As an artist, you get an advance from the record companies. At that time, we received an advance payment to make a record in America. In the end, the record company/booking agency had a bad relationship with our manager, and we as artists were in the middle. Because those two couldn’t work it out.” The problem is, the principal ran away and left us behind. Then we looked at: Who is going to pay off this debt?”

At the time, this resulted in Adlicious having to hand over €1,000 from each show for two or three years. “I was left with two hundred euros per show. It was very intense. And that’s actually where Adlicious left off.”

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Although participating in x factor Years ago, Liz felt like yesterday. However, she does have some thoughts on the matter. “Jordan and Shirley got more into the show. I didn’t mind that either,” she says. “I was very quiet, always in the background. Everything to make it easier for everyone. That’s the word.”

When announcer Martijn Krabbé told Liz that she might have cut herself a little short, he touched a sore spot. “I failed myself in a big way,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I’ve had so many musical opportunities.”

The best I can be It can be seen every Thursday at 8:30pm RTL 4.