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Framework will sell a laptop with an AMD Ryzen 7000 processor, come with a more powerful 16-inch variant with an upgradeable GPU, and will also officially sell its products in Belgium, among others. Finally, there will also be variants with 13th-generation Core processors from Intel.

Frame gave a Live broadcast with innovations. The AMD variant of the repairable and upgradeable Framework laptops will receive the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 of the Ryzen 7040 series. Presumably, it’s about the Ryzen 5 7640HS and Ryzen 7 7840HS. In addition, as is usual with the new generation of Ryzen, there is support for DDR5 memory, in this case at 5600MHz.

The 13th Generation Intel processors in newer motherboards in this region contain Core i5-1340P, i7-1360P, or i7-1370P. These still run on DDR4-3200. The framework also talks about the Thunderbolt 4 certification, which supposedly applies to both platforms, and allows the use of external video cards, for example, thanks to the greater amount of bandwidth.

The 16-inch version of the Framework laptop is brand new. The extra space in the case makes it possible to fit higher-performance parts into the case, though Framework has yet to announce specifications for this size of laptop. Obviously, this enables two classes of add-ons: upgradeable graphics and input unit system. The first has a kind of plug-in card that goes into the back of the laptop. The frame says it kept enough room for future changes to the laptop’s form factor. Having a discrete graphics card also opens doors for gaming.

Other types of devices can also be connected here. The reference that the Framework comes with is an add-on card where two SSDs can be inserted. These units can also be placed in an external enclosure and connected via USB 4 or Thunderbolt 4 to, say, a 13-inch laptop.

The Input Unity system was created after the Framework asked whether or not users would prefer to have a number pad on their laptop. It ended up being a 50/50 split, so the Framework serves both groups by making the keyboard and touchpad section modular. A number pad is optional for installation, but users can also place the keyboard in the center without a number pad. Another example is an RGB keyboard, one with a Super key and an extra screen. Again, other developers are free to come up with other ideas; The system is completely open source. Framework has not shared any images for this system, but the He will pass the review in his presentation.

The frame also showed a 61Wh battery, which is slightly larger than the 55Wh battery. Fits the same form factor and the improvement is attributed to improved battery chemistry. In addition, the company will create a housing for Framework motherboards in collaboration with Cooler Master. All models out there fit and so your laptop motherboard can be converted into a compact desktop. This fits with vesa mounts on the back of the monitor. Similar battery and display cases are available. Finally, new and sturdier hinges, a matte screen, and louder speakers than the Chromebook variant are more widely available.

Pre-orders for the Intel and AMD variants of Framework 13 have begun immediately and deliveries of the Intel models will begin in May. AMD models will be shipped from the third quarter. Pre-orders for the 16-inch model will start later in the spring, and it should ship by the end of this year.

The Framework 13 laptop with Intel chipset will start at €979 if customers assemble it themselves. With a pre-assembled model, it starts at 1,199 euros. The same pricing applies to the AMD variant. Pricing for the 16-inch version has yet to be announced.

The frame makes laptops fully openable, repairable and upgradeable. Users can click on a file frame market Buying complete laptops but also individual parts for these products. So if you already have a Framework laptop, you can purchase an AMD motherboard separately and install it in that laptop. But also things like speakers, touchpad, WiFi chip, webcam, internal cables, etc. are for sale. Tweakers themselves did a review of Framework Laptop Professional last year.

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