KZK’s husband has a little bit of confidence: ’causes a lot of stress’

KZK's husband has a little bit of confidence: 'causes a lot of stress'

The couple, who both work at the hospital in Utrecht, are looking for their dream home in De Bilt, Zeist and Bilthoven. Why is there right? Simply because these places are within cycling distance of their work. They want a single-family home with enough storage, at least four bedrooms and a kid-friendly outdoor area. All this on a budget of 600 thousand euros.

Paul and Kim immediately feel the pressure, because real estate agent Alex points them to Notorious “Hour of Privilege”. “When the clock strikes zero,” he warns the couple, “I’ll be at your door and we’ll have to talk.” A few weeks later, it’s time: the clock is at zero, and Alex pays a visit to Paul and Kim. During the conversation, they decided to expand the search area.

Alex soon finds a home that meets the requirements. Bob is also excited, after which Alex proposes. The offer is accepted, after which Bob’s handyman team gets down to business. After a challenging puzzle round, Paul and Kim wonder if the team really found them a sweet home. “It’s very stressful,” says Paul.

Fortunately, the team knows Buy without looking Paul and Kim are still surprised by the end result. The new home has been designed according to their wishes down to the last detail and despite the compromises, the couple immediately feels at home. The moment of revelation is poignant for Paul and Kim. They are happy in their new home And I can’t wait to move. Paul even in tears that team Buy without looking They realized their dream home.

Buy without looking It can be seen every Monday at 8.30pm on RTL4. You can watch the episode at Videoland. See below how Kim and Paul are doing now.

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